Logistics is the process of planning, applying and controlling the flow of goods/ cargos or information related to raw materials (inputs) and the final product (output) from the starting point to the consumption point.

"Logistics services are commercial activities, whereby traders organize one or more jobs including receiving goods/cargos, transporting, warehousing, storage, customs clearance, other paperwork, customer consulting, packaging, marking, delivery or other services related to the goods/ cargos as agreed with the client to remuneration."


Duc Tuan Shipping and Trading Co., Ltd provides international freight forwarding services between Vietnam and other countries in the world. Including: Transporting goods/cargos by roads/inland, sea and air. In each type of logistics, there are many services such as: packing, freight transport, shipping, loading and unloading, freight forwarding, customs declaration, warehouse leasing, procedure advice, documents for im-export...

We are a reliable partner of many international shipping lines, with a team of professional office staff, experienced operating team and global agent system… DTST Corp. has the most favorable conditions to provide forwarding services for shipping from Vietnam to the international seaport in the world, and vice versa

Freight services by sea transport service with the lowest transportation costs, in accordance with the type of goods/cargos in large quantities, bulky, requires no folding on the time factor… or the goods have many restrictions on delivery time.

Services provided:

EXPORTING the goods/cargos from Vietnam's ports of Hai Phong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang to ports of the world:

- Inland transport: receive goods at customers' factories, offices,

- Packing goods and storing yards at ports,

- Documentary services: Inspection, Customs, COO, Insurance...

- International sea freight with containers, bulk/dry cargo ships,

- Electrical delivery, customs procedures, export or delivery to the recipient,

- Representatives - entrusted export of goods (if any).

IMPORTING the goods/cargos from seaports of the world to Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang in Vietnam

- Inland transport from factories and offices of senders to foreign ports

- Documentary services: Inspection, Customs, COO, Insurance...

- International freight by sea containers, bulk/dry cargo ships,

- Electrical delivery, customs procedures, import and delivery to the recipient in Vietnam.


Traditional markets: Southeast Asian countries, Japan, Korea, West Asia, Europe

Traditional goods/cargos: Minerals, agricultural and forestry products, fertilizers, garments, leather shoes, electronic components, furniture…